Monday, 26 November 2012

Llyn Crafnant

A friend of mine got engaged recently and, being the romantic type, he proposed by a beautiful lake in North Wales called Llyn Crafnant. 

I whipped up this little painting of the scene of the crime as an engagement gift. It was good to do something on a smaller scale with a limited amount of time, it stopped me faffing around with pointless details. I'm really pleased with the results, the light in the picture I used was absolutely amazing so I got to use some bloody lovely colours. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I'm in the process of preparing for a big commission, in other words, pointlessly sketching and procrastinating. The subject is Wimbledon again, back inside Centre Court but with a 2012 final theme. I've got to include Roger Federer serving in the foreground. This presents me with a challenge when it comes to perspective and the angle for the viewpoint. It also gives me another problem: I don't usually paint people.

This style doesn't lend itself to people particularly well, therefore I've decided that my best bet will be to focus less on painting a perfect portrait of Ol' Fed' and more on his recognisable traits. For example, I'm going to concentrate on his famous headband and luscious locks, while working with his relatively unique serving style. 

This is a really quick study of the man himself. He has no mouth but I still think it resembles Federer who, incidentally, has a mouth.

I'm just thankful they didn't ask for the player in the foreground to be Andy Murray. All I'd have to work with would be heavily strapped ankles and that birthmark on his leg.

Monday, 30 July 2012


When I was being prolific a little while back I made this little piece of the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay. It was a nice challenge to move away from the splatty roughness of natural landscapes and do something manmade. I wasn't sure if my style would suit the rigidity of something like this on its own but I'm pleased with the result. I've painted manmade structures before but nothing quite this uniform.

This one has been sold to a friend of mine whose ancestors actually helped build the church. Show off. On a serious note, it's nice when people have a reason other than "it's pretty" for buying a piece of work. 

(Sobbing) Makes it all worth it... you know?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Here's another from the set I did for the fair. My original plan was to only paint Welsh things but I enjoyed doing an earlier version of this so much, mainly thanks to the colouring of the rock, that I decided Sidmouth Beach could be Welsh for the day. 

I didn't refer to the original I had done on canvas while painting this one so it was interesting to see the differences. The surface is totally different which immediately has a huge effect but I think I was a little more tentative with the ink on this one. Whatever the differences, I gave the first away for free and this one didn't sell. Must be the subject matter.

Disclaimer: I don't actually think it was the subject that has led to me making no money from these. I'm arrogant, but there's a limit.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gower Power

Here are a couple of pieces I did a little while back of the Gower. The top one is of Pobbles Bay, or at least I think that's what it's called, and the one below is just around the corner in  Three Cliffs Bay. They were available to buy on a small stall of my work at a fair recently. They didn't go so, you know, buy them.

It's the same watercolour and ink style but this time it's on paper. Before this I hadn't painted on watercolour paper for a while, I'd mainly focussed on canvas work. It represents a totally different challenge. I was so used to working on canvas but paper is where you're really supposed to use watercolour. Clue is in the title really.

I hope you enjoy the small glimpse of my bedroom carpet.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rain Delay

Here's the second Wimbledon painting. Hopefully it's clear but it's Henman Hill/Murray Mound looking towards No.1 Court.
I was asked to paint something for the new clubhouse at Rhiwbina Tennis Club. We bounced a few ideas around, including an attempt at painting a semi-aerial view of multiple courts, which in hindsight, sounds atrocious. I decided early on that it would be best to paint Wimbledon in its true form; rainy. I grew bored of painting sunny things anyway.
Apologies for the copyright splashed across it, but A D Vaughan photographed it with such excellent detail I didn’t want an image without a watermark on the Internet. It’s alright though, I’ll be back to uploading fuzzy photos from my phone in no time.
Prints are available and selling like hotcakes. If hotcakes had been sold in a single batch of four.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Burgh Island & Centre Court

I went through a bit of a purple patch of painting recently. The first here is one of Centre Court at Wimbledon which was auctioned at Rhiwbina Tennis Club, all proceeds went to the club (because I'm nice like that), the other is Burgh Island in Devon and a gift for a relative (because I'm nice like that).

As usual they are a watercolour base with ink on top to add in the detail. I'm still really enjoying working in this way, although admittedly I use a little (a lot) of artistic license when it comes to the content, the ink gives it quite a dynamic style so I can pretend it doesn't matter that things aren't correct down to the last detail.

 The latest one I've been working on is of Wimbledon again, but I'm in the process of having it photographed professionally by the excellent A D Vaughan so it'll look a damn sight better than my phone pictures. That one will also be donated to Rhiwbina Tennis Club (because I'm nice like that) but hopefully I'll be able to sell a few prints from the digital version.