Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Peephole photos 3


Day 22

Day 33

So finally here's the stuff from the 36mm film. It feels a bit different than the medium format stuff, this camera has a viewfinder on it so i could choose to time my photos for a car going past etc, which i really don't want. The main part of my project is using analogue photography to bring back all the spontaneity which digital takes away. When i look through the viewfinder, i become selective, picky with what i'm taking.

So all in all, these 36 days were rather unnecessary! Oh well, it's all part of the "artistic journey" and all that crap. I wonder if Damien Hirst goes through these kind of things. Although to be honest i couldn't care less, i'd rather not be like him, i'd rather be myself. I'd better pack my bags, it's time for an emotional journey...

I joke...