Sunday, 14 November 2010

And here they are...

Finally, it's the World Cup photos. Well, some of them anyway, plus pretentious watermark of course. Like I said, these will be going into a book entitled a title I haven't thought up yet. Any suggestions would be very welcome indeed, answers on a postcard. I hope to have it sorted as soon as I can. Enjoy, i'll ramble more after the pictures, don't worry.

The idea was to look at the World Cup from the fan's perspective, people always take photos of supporters but you often don't see a product of their endeavours. Apart from Alistair Berg, who is a big inspiration.

Hopefully they work as well as I hope they do, my Dad and I had a good time taking them, so I hope you have a good time looking at them. When the book is finally done i'll post a link up here.

As for the man in the crazy hat, I had a photo taken with him. He would make you hold the phone and then he would say:

"Say hello to Mandela!"
"Hello Mandela?"

Needless to say, he was one of the highlights of the World Cup for me. He really got you into the moment, it was like I was really talking to the former Robben Island prisoner and all round good guy. I'd like to say Mandela liked me when I spoke to him on the phone.

Anyway, there's a small number of them, I may post more up but i'm not sure. Watch this space.

Think street photography draped in a football scarf.

Friday, 12 November 2010


Belatedly, here are some pictures of my work in a group exhibition I did in April in Bath. I included the Peephole pictures mounted behind perspex and one of my landscapes inspired by an uninspiring trip to Lyme Regis a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately I didn't get any offers to buy any of it, I didn't expect to get any anyway. I think the thing that riles me the most is that I had 100 business cards printed and put next to the work. This means around 95 people are probably still wandering around carelessly with my business card just padding out their wallet or purse slightly. Yes we all know how important and wealthy it makes you feel to have a fat wallet, but don't deny a struggling and incredibly talented artist the chance of finding someone who would actually give him money for his work by hiding his contact card in the darkest recesses of your money holder. (The artist is me by the way)

The reason I say 95 is because a few of my friends took some, a concept i'm struggling to understand and further riles me considering they know who I am and therefore know how to contact me. The bastards are probably just using them to pad out their wallets. I need new friends, but how am I supposed to find any if no one can see my business cards? It's a vicious cycle.

Enjoy the work everyone. Except those who stole my business cards.