Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh My Papa

Here's another part of the work i'm doing at the moment. Inspired by the work of the likes of Thomas Ruff and Rineke Dijkstra I wanted to take an objective approach to portraits of footballs fans. This is the first and only one so far. I hope to do more because objective photography lends itself perfectly to comparison.

This is my father. Now you can see where I got my dashing good looks from, except that those who don't know me have no idea what I look like so I can only assume you think I look like a younger version of this man. Which I don't, hopefully. For some reason he looks really angry/ worried and I couldn't tell you why. He knew I was taking a photo of him so there was so reason for him to have been taken by surprise, unless he started suffering from short term memory loss while I was taking this.

He's a Cardiff City fan, as some of you eagle eyed folks may be able to tell. He's supported them since he was a boy. But I assume my father didn't exist before I was born so that's a lie. He's 50 next month, I think he looks good for a nearly 50 year old. I can only hope that I endure the slow aging process he has, by my lack of facial hair I think i'm on the right track. Knowing my luck i'll hit 25 and everything will go a bit wrong.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Got a photo in to the RWA

I submitted four photos to the RWA's Open Photography 2 competition, of which one was selected for the competition. This means it'll go in an exhibition running from the 20th February until the 5th April alongside the other selections and the work of professional photographers.

This is the photo they selected, it's titled "Oranje" and was taken on the day of the Netherlands v Cameroon world cup game in Cape Town.