Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh My Papa

Here's another part of the work i'm doing at the moment. Inspired by the work of the likes of Thomas Ruff and Rineke Dijkstra I wanted to take an objective approach to portraits of footballs fans. This is the first and only one so far. I hope to do more because objective photography lends itself perfectly to comparison.

This is my father. Now you can see where I got my dashing good looks from, except that those who don't know me have no idea what I look like so I can only assume you think I look like a younger version of this man. Which I don't, hopefully. For some reason he looks really angry/ worried and I couldn't tell you why. He knew I was taking a photo of him so there was so reason for him to have been taken by surprise, unless he started suffering from short term memory loss while I was taking this.

He's a Cardiff City fan, as some of you eagle eyed folks may be able to tell. He's supported them since he was a boy. But I assume my father didn't exist before I was born so that's a lie. He's 50 next month, I think he looks good for a nearly 50 year old. I can only hope that I endure the slow aging process he has, by my lack of facial hair I think i'm on the right track. Knowing my luck i'll hit 25 and everything will go a bit wrong.

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