Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Burgh Island & Centre Court

I went through a bit of a purple patch of painting recently. The first here is one of Centre Court at Wimbledon which was auctioned at Rhiwbina Tennis Club, all proceeds went to the club (because I'm nice like that), the other is Burgh Island in Devon and a gift for a relative (because I'm nice like that).

As usual they are a watercolour base with ink on top to add in the detail. I'm still really enjoying working in this way, although admittedly I use a little (a lot) of artistic license when it comes to the content, the ink gives it quite a dynamic style so I can pretend it doesn't matter that things aren't correct down to the last detail.

 The latest one I've been working on is of Wimbledon again, but I'm in the process of having it photographed professionally by the excellent A D Vaughan so it'll look a damn sight better than my phone pictures. That one will also be donated to Rhiwbina Tennis Club (because I'm nice like that) but hopefully I'll be able to sell a few prints from the digital version.

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