Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rain Delay

Here's the second Wimbledon painting. Hopefully it's clear but it's Henman Hill/Murray Mound looking towards No.1 Court.
I was asked to paint something for the new clubhouse at Rhiwbina Tennis Club. We bounced a few ideas around, including an attempt at painting a semi-aerial view of multiple courts, which in hindsight, sounds atrocious. I decided early on that it would be best to paint Wimbledon in its true form; rainy. I grew bored of painting sunny things anyway.
Apologies for the copyright splashed across it, but A D Vaughan photographed it with such excellent detail I didn’t want an image without a watermark on the Internet. It’s alright though, I’ll be back to uploading fuzzy photos from my phone in no time.
Prints are available and selling like hotcakes. If hotcakes had been sold in a single batch of four.